What we do

our revolutionary formula to weaponize your marketing mix

Competitor Spyware

Advanced competitor intelligence software unlocks digital channel strategies and uncovers successful ad creative being used by your competitors

Display Prospecting

Our prospecting campaigns find new customers for your business, not through adwords, search , or remarketing, but better display messaging straight to your competitor’s target customers.

Mobile Outbound

By focussing on mobile, be seen everywhere your competitor’s target customers live, work, and play . In one multi-channel campaign, we publish over sms, ad networks and content platforms.

Our Formula

Our Formula

Searchlight Media use an unprecedented formula for digital marketing success – we simply focus on gaining the edge over your competitors by analysing their strategies, improving on them, and then deploying best of breed outbound campaigns across mobile. Many of our clients already have an agency delivering an effective digital marketing strategy utilising channels such as Google adwords and other PPC – we can complement an existing agency or strategy by opening up huge new opportunities for additional client acquisition.
Searchlight Media has helped hundreds of companies grow their business year on year, enabling them to grow exponentially but at a pace that suits , contributing thousands of new customers, additional opportunities for business interaction and increased revenue.
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Every campaign delivered over three channels

SMS Messaging

SMS & MMS messaging has a whopping open rate of 98% , and with 90% of messages being read within 3 minutes, we have embraced this channel in a professional and legally compliant way

Display Prospecting

Programmatic Display ads seek out new audiences based on demographic and interest-based targeting, rather than search intent, improving brand awareness and driving new site visitors

Content Marketing

Fully managed content generation and delivery to target audiences via all major social media networks, creating awareness , followers, and engagement.


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How it Work

How it works

3 quick steps to more sales

01. Competitor Analysis

You will be assigned an account manager to simply ask who your top 5 competitors are.
We will then run competitor intelligence tools to reveal everything from their current spend, successful ad copy, target geographies, socio-economics, age, interests and so forth .

02. Campaign setup

Your account manager will liaise with you to understand the messaging and offers you wish to promote
Our creative teams will use your messaging requirements in addition to the competitor intelligence to create compelling ad copy, beautiful landing pages, and strong call to actions across multi-channel campaigns

03. Multi Channel Marketing

Ad creative is deployed across SMS, Display, and Content channels. The number of eyeballs reached is dependant on the package chosen.
Campaign effectiveness reporting is provided at the end of each month and benchmarked against your Top 5 competitors.


Money back guarantee to beat the competition!

  • Our agency fees are 100% refundable if you are not #1 in rank against your 5 competitors for outbound marketing within the target timeframe
  • Searchlight’s competitive spyware technology is 100% legal
  • All campaigns strictly adhere to GDPR regulations
  • One of the lowest agency fees in the industry


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