What we do

We are innovators and experts in building and protecting income for both consumers and businesses

For Businesses

We create sales revenue for businesses through SLM Reach targeted lead generation , and we can also upsell to your existing clients through SLM Ignite gamification, and last but not least we can protect revenue through SLM Shield online reputation management

For Consumers

We use our sales expertise to create a passive income through our iStoreLabs ecommerce sales service and can also protect your personal reputation using SLM Shield online reputation management.

Our Formula

About Us

Searchlight Media is huge twist on what you might think is a marketing agency. We don’t do social media marketing, google adwords, PR, and all that stuff…there are thousands of agencies that will take your money to deliver marketing. We deliver sales , generate income , and protect revenue, and we do it for both businesses and consumers across our various brands.
We pride ourselves in simply driving sustainable growth for our individual consumer clients or our business clients by enabling them to grow exponentially but at a pace that suits. For consumers Searchlight Media focusses on creating passive income through ecommerce sales, and for businesses we generate fully qualified and substantive sales leads for businesses, with additional services to close, upsell, or cross sell those leads, as well as offering reputational protection for our clients’ overall business activity.
Using Searchlight Media can help grow your business and improve existing data lists via pre‐qualification or full-service offerings. If you need to acquire new customers or information from particular profiled data groups, our lead generation services can assist you. If you want targeted and defined leads, who meet very specific criteria, and you need to generate those leads as quickly and efficiently as possible then we can help.
Searchlight Media has helped hundreds of individuals and companies grow their income year on year, contributing thousands of new customers, additional opportunities for business interaction and increased revenue.
Contact us today to discover more about our income growth and revenue protection services can increase your bottom line beyond belief.



Three core services delivered across our suite of brands

Revenue Generation

The SLM Reach brand comprises a lead generation team using hyper targeted client data to bring businesses B2C or B2B customers, whilst eCommerce provides our consumer clients with outstanding profits on ecommerce sales

Revenue Growth

We can help close sales, upsell or cross sell using our innovative IGNITE platform to incentivise new or existing customers by “gamifying” our sales process through quizzes, vouchers, and mobile games . Our clients love it, and customer engagement rates have never been higher !

Revenue Protection

It takes years to build up your reputation but only minutes for someone to destroy it and wipe out future income. SLM Shield is a critical service for our clients who wish to monitor and protect all aspects of personal and corporate brand reputation


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How it Work

How it works

3 quick steps to more sales

01. Free Consultation

You will be assigned an account manager to work with you to define your goals with respect to
We can target geographies, socio-economics, age, interests , etc.

02. Service Selection

Your account manager will discuss whether your requirements should comprise revenue generation, wealth creation, closing or upselling of leads, or require brand protection also.

The mix of services we deploy are determined by you and your account manager to optimise your budget with your goals and financial returns

Depending on your campaign goals, we will deploy one or all of our growth based services : Reach, iStore Labs, Ignite, Shield

03. Go Live

We can often carry out steps 1 and 2 in 48 hours of your enquiry if you have an urgent need. Packages to be deployed and costs are agreed, contract is sent out, and once payment is received your account manager will be available during the setup process


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