Display Prospecting

Display Prospecting

Prospecting ads are outbound display ads shown across hundreds of household name websites and news media.

Outbound prospecting opens up new and larger target markets that your current strategy or agency are not covering through PPC search and retargeting campaigns

At Searchlight Media we use more a more sophisticated form of display ad campaign known as  programmatic display ads.  

Programmatic display advertising is the fastest growing segment of digital marketing and is often overlooked by agencies and marketing strategies that are focussed on search and retargeting display ads. Both search and retargeting ads are inbound in nature and require the potential customer to have searched or actually visited  your online presence in some way before displaying the ad itself.

Programmatic ads are shown to new people who are most likely to engage with your brand and become your next customers.  The power is in the laser targeting.

Retargeting Ads are shown to people who visited your website but left without becoming a customer.

Searchlight Media will create a programmatic display ads campaign that seeks out new customers for your business who have previously not heard of your brand or specific

Programmatic Targeting is based on potential audience and appear

Our campaign team will create your ads for you using competitor ads for inspiration if required, and then publish the display ads for your potential customers to view on their computers, tablets and mobile screens. Advanced automatic targeting selects the right websites and apps based on where your customers are most likely to be, as below: