Our Formula

Our Formula

Picasso had a saying  ‘good artists copy; great artists steal’ – and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.”

That line was made famous by the late great Steve Jobs back in 1996. He knew true innovation came from borrowing inspiration and making ideas your own – legally of course !

After all, would you rather spend weeks creating new advertising campaigns hoping they succeed or be able to quickly see exactly what your competitors are having success with?

Our competitor intelligence software extracts what direct competitors are doing and how they’re doing it.  We are able to extract their ads,  their messaging, in addition to data about the audiences being targeted and amount of traffic and impressions from their campaigns.

Once we have an accurate map of your competitor strategy, our team of experts create the best ad creatives for your market and beyond. From our competitive intelligence tools we will  know what works and what doesn’t – we cut down time and money spent testing ad creatives that don’t convert.

Outbound prospecting opens up new and larger target markets that your current strategy or agency are not covering through PPC search and retargeting campaigns Once the campaign messaging and winning ad creative have been finalised, three outbound prospecting channels are used for maximum exposure and coverage

  • SMS messaging directed to your competitor’s target audience
  • Display ads across hundreds of ad networks matched to your competitor’s target audience
  • Content Marketing targeted at your competitor’s audience across all major social media platforms.